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Free Lite-C is also an ideal solution for learning programming
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Lite-c is intended for quickly and easily developing graphics or virtual reality applications - such as 2D or 3D computer games - even without previous programming knowledge. Sounds, images, movies, user interfaces, 2D and 3D models, collision detection, rigid body physics, multitasking, and DirectX functions are already a native part of the language.

Therefore, a few lines in lite-C achieve results that would require hundreds of source code lines with normal C/C compilers. This makes it a perfect system for creating casual games.

Lite-C is also an ideal solution for learning programming. Its syntax is similar to the C/C programming language, but much easier - and more fun - to learn. Anything that's scary to a beginner, like memory and pointer handling, is automatically managed in lite-C. No crashes, memory leaks, and pointer arithmetics anymore!

The lite-C package contains a complete development environment with 3D model and terrain editor, code editor, compiler, debugger, an integrated 3D engine, a physics engine, many samples including DirectX and OpenGL programs, and a tutorial with 24 easy workshops.

Main features:
-Extended C syntax, easy and transparent multitasking
-Compiles on the fly to machine code
-Easy integration of external APIs (OpenGL, DirectX) with DLL or COM interface
-Powerful ABT (Adaptive Binary Tree) rendering engine
-2D and 3D sprites and models, vertex and bones animation
-Programmable particle effect generators
-Rigid body physics and collision engine
-Terrain-based game levels and BSP-based Gamestudio levels
-Layered sky system with sky cubes, sky domes, clouds and backdrop images
-Shadow-throwing point and spot light sources
-Built-in vector, matrix, physics and collision functions
-GUI objects with button, slider, gauge elements, Truetype and bitmap fonts
-Supports all DirectX 9 functions
-Play functions for sound, music and movie files and CD tracks
-Syntax-highlighting script editor with single-step debugger
-Free level / model / terrain editor and importer
-Small footprint - ca. 20 MB only (without editors and demo games)
-Small requirements - runs even on old machines (such as P3-500 / Riva TNT2)
-Extensible: Vertex/pixel shaders, network functions...
-Supported file formats: FBX, 3DS, X, OBJ, ASE, MAP, MDL, MD2, FX, BMP, PCX, TGA, JPG, DDS, WAD, MID, WAV, OGG, MP3, MPG, AVI.


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